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My name is Angela Garcia and I can help you get your ex back.

I’m not a relationship counsellor and I don’t have degree in psychology, but I DO call myself an expert because I know what it takes to win your ex back. After going through tough times myself, and trying things like counselling and different “guaranteed” tips, I was able to finally find something that helped me win the love of my life back. Since I know what it’s like to struggle with love, I want to show you the tools I used so that you can get your ex back, too!

Let me share something with you.

A year ago my boyfriend Ryan left me against my will. When he did, I was desperate to get him back. I called him, texted him and showed up at his house begging for another chance. In my mind, I did everything I could to make him want me again, but sadly, nothing worked.

Rewind to the months before the breakup. From what I could see, things were fine between us, but Ryan obviously thought otherwise. Sure we had our fair share of arguments, and he did mention feeling “bored” every now and then, but I never thought he was going to leave me. I loved him completely, and he said that he loved me too, but then he left me and I didn’t understand why.

Now jump back to after the breakup. I’m confused, angry, upset and regretful. I’m a mess without him and all I want is for things to go back to normal and for us to be together again. After finally realizing that my desperation was pathetic, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

As a software developer I spend a lot of my workday online, which is where I began searching for answers. Putting my fate in the hands of the internet, I slowly by surely discovered a heap of information and some great products that were heads above the rest in terms of quality and professionalism. These products (most notably The Ex Factor Guide by Brad Browning) really changed my perspective and I started to realize not only the things that drove my ex away, but the things I needed to do to win him back. I understood so much more about the breakup and I even started empathizing with my ex.  

After a month of making changes I can say that I won Ryan back, and two years later we’re still happily together. In fact, we’re not only back together but our relationship is stronger than ever before. We’re now more patient and loving with each other, and I’m so thankful to have learnt what I did to winning him back.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because I know what it’s like to feel low after a breakup, and I know from experience the mistakes that so many people make in this situation. I want to share them with you because hopelessness is a hard feeling to face, but I know what it takes to win back your ex. Despite what you may be thinking now, getting your ex back isn’t that hard, but it does require effort and patience.

Angela and Ryan under blanket on a pier.The truth is that even if you fought like cat and dog with your ex, it’s not that hard to turn things around and win him or her back. That is, if you know how to. It may seem impossible right now, but I can assure you that it’s possible.

The way that I was able to rekindle my relationship is amazing. So many people think that once it’s done there’s no going back, which is why I decided to put together this site and share my experiences and the products I used that helped me so much. I’ve also collected an assortment of articles that make for some interesting reading. That said, internet articles alone won’t do the trick. You absolutely have to invest the very small amount of month (about a third of the cost to a counsellor or psychiatrist) to get proven, professional, expert advice and I know just the products to use. If you’re serious about getting your ex back then it’s definitely worth it. You deserve to be happy and in love, so don’t short change yourself.

I know that these can see like dark days but hang in there. If you want to get back to having a happy, healthy relationship, you will succeed. There are lots of things you can do to win your ex back before it is too late.

Congratulations on taking the first steps to getting your ex back and making your relationship great again. Read the reviews of the great products that helped save my relationship.

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Good luck!

– Angela

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