3 Texts to Make Your Ex Miss You

After a breakup it can be tempting to want to text your ex. However, as much as you may want to send him those bitter-sweet messages, hold off.

As I’ve mentioned in other blog posts, initiating the No Contact period after a breakup is crucial. Why? Because it gives your ex the opportunity to miss you, and also allows time for emotions to simmer before reconnecting with him. For more on this, click here.

However, once the No Contact period is over and done with, there are certain types of text messages that you can send your ex to make him or her miss you.

That said, sending your ex the RIGHT MESSAGE is extremely important. Why? Because the wrong message can do more harm than good. In fact if you send him or her anything that gives the impression that you’re upset or desperate, it’ll send them running!

So, to make your ex miss you consider the following three types of text messages.

The first kind of text you want to send your ex is what relationship expert Brad Browning calls “The Smile Text.”

And the point of this text is to do exactly as it sounds: to remind your ex of a good time or memory you shared together.

To start, think of something you and your ex shared together – be it a song, place, movie or special day. Next come up with a message that will make him or her recall that memory in detail.

For instance, let’s say that there’s a song you used to listen to together, you can send something like “Hey I heard our song on the radio today and it reminded me of that time we spent the weekend camping together under the stars. I hope all is well.”

Or, if you used to used to watch a certain show together then you can blast off a text about the latest episode, or a catchphrase from it that you both enjoyed. Make these texts your own, just remember, the more detailed you can be, the more effective the text will be.

The next time of message you can send your ex is called “The Question Text.” How it works is you send your ex a question that will make them recall a powerful memory you shared together.

For instance, let’s say you shared a memorable, romantic dinner out one night. You could remind your ex of that time by sending them something along the lines of “Hey, do you remember that restaurant we went to for our anniversary? A friend asked for a recommendation but I can’t recall the name of it. Hope you are well.”

Or, if you want to get their wheels turning send the same message, but instead of saying that a friend would like to know, imply that you’d like to go back. You’ll have him or her wondering who you’ll be going to dinner with, which in turn, will make your ex miss you.

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The third type of  message you can send your ex is “The Good Reminder Text.”

The point here is to send your ex a message that he or she will find both helpful and thoughtful. For instance, if he’s a music fan then you could say something along the lines of:

“Hey, I just heard that Radiohead will be playing in Vancouver next spring. I know how much you love him, so I thought I’d let you know! Hope all is well.”

Or, if your ex girlfriend is really into art then you could send:

“Hey, I just wanted to let you know about the new exhibit happening in the gallery. I know how much you love checking out new art, so I thought I’d let you know. Hope you are well.”

The reason why this kind of text is so powerful for making your ex miss you is because it shows him or her that you still think about them from time to time without coming across as needy or desperate. Not to mention the fact that they’ll also appreciate you passing along whatever news or insight you send them.

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Don’t wait any longer, make your ex miss you, today!

Best of luck!