Make Your Ex Chase You

Breakups are a tough reality to face, but the good news is that not all hope is lost. So, if you’re looking to win your ex back, which I assume you are since you’re reading this article, then it’s time to learn how to reverse roles to make your ex chase you.

Even if your ex is refusing to talk to you or is still bitter about how the relationship ended, you can make him or her come crawling back, simply by shifting the power from them to you.

Here’s how.

The first thing you’re going to need to do is remove yourself from your ex’s life. Relationship Coach Brad Browning calls this the “disappearing act,” and the point behind it is to show your ex that you don’t need him/her in your life by embracing the No Contact period. When done correctly this will surprise your ex, and even more importantly, it will make him or her miss you.

Though you’ll probably be tempted to reach out to your ex at this time, don’t. Showing them that you’re happily moving on is key to making him or her want you back. In fact, as time passes your ex will miss you more and more, and will eventually even question the breakup.

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Once you have put the No Contact period into action, the next thing you’ll want to do to make your ex chase you is to remove their safety net. In other words, remove any possibility of them thinking that you’ll be there if they start to regret the breakup. In other words, don’t let them think that you’ll be their backup plan should single life not be so swell.

To do this you must make it clear to your ex that you won’t be their friend and that they must choose between being in a romantic relationship with you, or not having you in their life at all. They can’t have their cake and eat it too!

The problem with staying friends with your ex is that it gives them the “safety net” of knowing you’re still around. It also allows them to adjust to single life with you by their side, which doesn’t give him or her the chance to miss you, which is crucial for winning your ex back. This can be a tough tactic, but it’s extremely powerful when it comes to reversing roles.

Lastly, the third step for making your ex chase you is to simply sit back and wait for it to happen. Yes, patience is key here.

That said, once you manage to properly put steps one and two into action (cut off contact and show your ex you won’t be their backup plan), it shouldn’t be long before your ex comes running back to you. Why? Because they will be missing you and worrying that they’re losing you for good. Once this fear sets in they’ll start making an effort to spend time with you again.

That said, it’s important that you don’t give in too quickly here. If you’re willing to drop what you’re doing the second your ex comes calling then there won’t be much of a chase. This doesn’t mean that you should turn your ex down if they ask you to meet up (after all, that’s important for winning them back), but rather don’t seem too eager or confess how much you still miss and love him or her. Instead it’s important that you play it cool to keep the power in your hands.

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Signs Your Ex Will Take You Back

Wanting to win your ex back is one thing, but knowing if he or she is willing to make it work, well that’s a whole other story…

Knowing if your ex will take you back can give you a huge advantage when it comes to mending your relationship. As you can imagine, trying to get back with someone who has absolute zero desire to do so will be much tricker than wooing someone who is on the fence about making it work between the two of you.

So then, how can you tell whether or not your ex will take you back? Here are three telltale signs.

Your ex still talks to you.

There are few things harder than trying to win back an ex who won’t even speak to you. That said, if he or she is reaching out to you it’s important that you stick with the No Contact rule for about a month before opening up communication lines. Sure, it can be tough not to get ahead of yourself, especially if you’re trying to win him or her back, but believe me, keeping communication to a minimum is your best bet after a breakup. (I won’t get into details here, but for more information on why the No Contact period works go to and watch the free presentation). 

Simply put, if your ex is making an effort to talk to you then the future of your relationship is looking pretty good.

Your ex wants to spend time with you.

If your ex is asking you to hang out then it’s a pretty solid sign that he or she will talk you back. That said, if you’re looking to win your ex back then it’s extremely important to avoid falling into the friend-zone. If you do, it can be much harder to restore your relationship.

However, if he or she is making an effort to see you, or extending invites to include you in plans, then it’s pretty certain that your ex will take you back… if you play your cards right.

Your ex talks about you to mutual friends.

If you’ve been on your ex’s mind then there’s a good chance that your mutual friends will hear about it. Whether he/she has asked how you’ve been, or has commented on what you’ve been up to, simply talking about you to others is a positive sign that your ex will take you back — maybe not right away, but they’re at least considering it. 

Of course it’s important to note that what your ex says about you plays a big factor here. For example, if your ex is complaining about you, or crying about how you broke their heart, then this sign may not apply in those situations. But, if you hear that they’ve been subtly asking about you, then that’s a sign that you’ve still got a shot!

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3 Texts to Make Your Ex Miss You

After a breakup it can be tempting to want to text your ex. However, as much as you may want to send him those bitter-sweet messages, hold off.

As I’ve mentioned in other blog posts, initiating the No Contact period after a breakup is crucial. Why? Because it gives your ex the opportunity to miss you, and also allows time for emotions to simmer before reconnecting with him. For more on this, click here.

However, once the No Contact period is over and done with, there are certain types of text messages that you can send your ex to make him or her miss you.

That said, sending your ex the RIGHT MESSAGE is extremely important. Why? Because the wrong message can do more harm than good. In fact if you send him or her anything that gives the impression that you’re upset or desperate, it’ll send them running!

So, to make your ex miss you consider the following three types of text messages.

The first kind of text you want to send your ex is what relationship expert Brad Browning calls “The Smile Text.”

And the point of this text is to do exactly as it sounds: to remind your ex of a good time or memory you shared together.

To start, think of something you and your ex shared together – be it a song, place, movie or special day. Next come up with a message that will make him or her recall that memory in detail.

For instance, let’s say that there’s a song you used to listen to together, you can send something like “Hey I heard our song on the radio today and it reminded me of that time we spent the weekend camping together under the stars. I hope all is well.”

Or, if you used to used to watch a certain show together then you can blast off a text about the latest episode, or a catchphrase from it that you both enjoyed. Make these texts your own, just remember, the more detailed you can be, the more effective the text will be.

The next time of message you can send your ex is called “The Question Text.” How it works is you send your ex a question that will make them recall a powerful memory you shared together.

For instance, let’s say you shared a memorable, romantic dinner out one night. You could remind your ex of that time by sending them something along the lines of “Hey, do you remember that restaurant we went to for our anniversary? A friend asked for a recommendation but I can’t recall the name of it. Hope you are well.”

Or, if you want to get their wheels turning send the same message, but instead of saying that a friend would like to know, imply that you’d like to go back. You’ll have him or her wondering who you’ll be going to dinner with, which in turn, will make your ex miss you.

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The third type of  message you can send your ex is “The Good Reminder Text.”

The point here is to send your ex a message that he or she will find both helpful and thoughtful. For instance, if he’s a music fan then you could say something along the lines of:

“Hey, I just heard that Radiohead will be playing in Vancouver next spring. I know how much you love him, so I thought I’d let you know! Hope all is well.”

Or, if your ex girlfriend is really into art then you could send:

“Hey, I just wanted to let you know about the new exhibit happening in the gallery. I know how much you love checking out new art, so I thought I’d let you know. Hope you are well.”

The reason why this kind of text is so powerful for making your ex miss you is because it shows him or her that you still think about them from time to time without coming across as needy or desperate. Not to mention the fact that they’ll also appreciate you passing along whatever news or insight you send them.

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Don’t wait any longer, make your ex miss you, today!

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